Dangerous Bus Driving Caught on Dashcam

Dangerous situation on the roads of Ecuador

In this video sent to us by our distributor in South America, we see a bus overtaking several vehicles. It narrowly misses the cars coming from the opposite direction. The drivers even had to make space for the bus in order to avoid collision. Everything was captured by our newest Cloud dashcam predecessor, BlackVue DR650GW-1CH.

The necessity of a dashcam

Dashcam footage not only makes for an interesting video to show to friends, but serves as an evidence of potentially dangerous situations that take place on the roads everywhere. Fortunately in this case, reckless driving didn’t lead to any accidents but – just like the saying – it’s better to be safe than sorry and come prepared.

Please note: in this video, the original Full HD 1080p footage was converted to 720p before upload to YouTube. Also note: YouTube applies its own compression to videos, which may result in additional artifacts that do not appear in the original files.


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