Crazy Hit and Run Captured by Dashcam

Crazy hit and run… in a company car

This video of a crazy hit and run was shared by our Canadian distributor, BlackboxMyCar. A truck, pulling out of its parking spot, hit the Kia parked beside it. Said like this, it may not sound like much, but this is not your average hit and run. The hit was so powerful that the entire vehicle shifted over significantly. The sound captured by the dashcam tells a lot about the pressure exerted on the Kia. Looking at it, we’re left wondering whether the act was premeditated or just caused by genuine clumsiness or lack of truck driving experience (or the consumption of illicit substances).

The driver of the truck most likely knew he did something wrong: it would have been really hard for him to pretend otherwise. However, he didn’t stop to evaluate the damages nor to leave his contact information for the Kia’s owner.

Severe damages and reputation on the line

The whole incident was recorded by a BlackVue dashcam installed in a car parked in the same parking lot. And thanks to the dashcam the truck – otherwise hard to track – was identified as belonging to a company called Royal Classic Kitchens which has four locations in Ontario. It’s definitely shocking to see that the driver of the truck decided to run after hitting the other car, especially when the decals and the company information are so clearly visible on the truck.

How the video was recorded

The BlackVue dash camera was installed in a vehicle parked across from the Kit and the truck. It appeared to be in Parking Mode. BlackVue dashcams’ Parking Mode let you choose to record either based on motion detection, impact detection, or both. Although the car was not hit (no impact detected), the BlackVue detected the movement of the truck, which triggered this recording.

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