Crash With A Semi-Truck #CaughtOnBlackVue

This is a rear dash camera footage captured by a BlackVue user Daniel.

Semi-truck pulls out into the main road

He shared this footage he captured on his BlackVue dash cam’s (an older fullHD model – check simple Wi-Fi BlackVue dash cams here) rear camera. We can see that the weather conditions in the video aren’t the best. Huge semi-trucks are on the other side of the road, ready to turn right. Suddenly, a white semi-truck pulls out into the main road, which causes the oncoming vehicle crash into the truck. It would have been hard to see the semi-truck coming from behind all the other trucks on the right lane. Of course, the silver car’s driver could have driven more defensively for sure, especially in these rainy conditions seen in the video. They tried to steer right to avoid collision, but ultimately ended up crashing into the semi-truck.

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