Crash On A Snowy Road #CaughtOnBlackVue

Drivers should be extra careful when driving in poor weather conditions because of the limited visibility. This video shows exactly why.

Unlucky turn

In this BlackVue footage sent to us by one of the BlackVue users we can see a white vehicle trying to make a left turn into a residential road. The visibility is very limited because of the snow. The white vehicle driver didn’t wait until the car coming from the opposite side (and which had the right of way) passed, instead turning instantly. This caused the two cars to collide, barely missing a third, stationary car parked nearby.

Video evidence handed to the drivers

BlackVue user stopped by the site of the accident and shared a copy of the video recorded on his fullHD, Cloud-compatible BlackVue dash cam (DR750X-2CH Plus can be purchased here). The victim of the accident was very happy to receive the video – having such clear evidence saved her a lot of trouble. She even said she will be buying the BlackVue LTE model (more about the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus here) in the nearest future!

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what may happen on the road. Get your dash cam today here!

About #CaughtOnBlackVue

Please remember that #CaughtOnBlackVue an ongoing event and it’s never too late to send us your video!

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