COVID-19 Through the BlackVue Lens – How Our Lives Changed

It’s been weeks since many of us were forced into a quarantine or – at least – forced to adjust to many social distancing rules, crucial to ongoing global fight against the COVID-19.

Although restrictions enforced on the citizens vary from country to country, it is certain that our lives have changed during this time exponentially. Almost every area of our lives has been affected by the current situation across the world.

Social distancing in practice

Social distancing or, in other words, limited face-to-face interactions with others is endorsed as the best way to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The basics of social distancing (also known as physical distancing) include keeping at least 2-meter (6 feet) distance from other people and avoiding mass gathering and public places with crowds.

Whether it’s due to the quarantine or self-imposed isolation, the streets usually bustling with life are now empty. Even the most popular and busy tourist spots are now more or less deserted.

Many places are shut down – most notably, schools. Primary, secondary and post-secondary schools in more than 120 countries were shut down to reduce the spread of the virus, and classes are taught online.

Even such basic activities like outdoor exercise (jogging or even walking your dog out) or shopping often come with their own set of rules now.

We’ve compiled a short video of various ways social distancing affects our lives, as captured by our Customers’ and Ambassadors’ BlackVue dashcams.

From New York to South Korea, you can see the concerted efforts put into the fight against the coronavirus.

In the video compilation above we featured multiple footage showing empty streets (and even eerily empty Times Square and Las Vegas strip), people socially distancing themselves while waiting in a queue in front of a supermarket, and people wearing masks.

Although wearing masks was never actually enforced in South Korea (except in such places as hospitals or certain shops), they are widely accepted and worn by nearly everyone. For months now, a person without a mask on the street has been a rather rare sight.


We hope you are staying safe during this difficult time. 


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