• BlackVue行车记录仪不仅仅让您在路上安心驾车。
  • 安装相应附件后,BlackVue还可在停车之后保护您的爱车。
  • BlackVue开发了Power Magic系列附件,让用户安全使用BlackVue停车模式监控功能。
产品名称Power Magic EZPower Magic ProPower Magic 电池组Power Magic Ultra Battery
类型OBD套件硬连线套件电池(LiFePO4) 电池(LiFePO4)
容量N/AN/A12.8 V / 3000 mAh / 38.4 W12.8 V / 6,000 mAh / 76.8 W
兼容电气系统12V/24V 12V/24V 12V/24V 12V/24V
杂项 集成保险丝、定时器和电压切断螺丝或粘贴垫安装、定时器和电压切断 包括2个为附件充电的USB端口蓝牙App,用于扩大容量的连接扩展电池。
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Go for Power Magic EZ or Power Magic Battery Pack.

If you are looking for a simple plug-and-play installation, both the Power Magic EZ and the Power Magic Battery Pack are options to consider.

Whether to choose one or the other should depend on the frequency of use of your vehicle and duration of your commute. For a daily commute of an hour or more, the Battery Pack will give you great satisfaction.

If you do not drive daily or your commute takes you less time than it takes for the Battery Pack to fully charge, choose the Power Magic EZ.

Note that Power Magic Ultra Battery supports easy cigarette lighter installation. However, we recommend to hardwire it for faster charge (unless you have more than an hour daily commute, in which case you will fully charge the battery anyway).

Choose Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) or Battery Pack (B-112)

If your vehicle sports a small-capacity battery or an aging battery that you do not feel like replacing just yet, an external battery is the way to go. Whether you plug it in the cigarette lighter socket (B-112/B-124X) or hardwire it (B-124X), a Parking Mode battery will only draw power when ignition is on. Since your vehicle battery would not give you a lot of Parking Mode time anyway, it may be a better choice overall.
If you use the cigarette lighter configuration for your battery, make sure that your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket is not powered when ignition is off, so as to preserve your vehicle's battery.

Pick Power Magic EZ, Power Magic Pro, Ultra Battery, Battery Pack (in that order)

Power Magic EZ and Power Magic Pro are a tie for most stealthy installation in the majority of cases but it will vary with each car configuration. If your OBD port is hidden inside of your fuse box, the PMEZ's smaller size makes it easier to hide. If your OBD port is somewhere else, like right under the steering wheel, chances are that the PMP will be easier to hide as you can usually put it in the fuse box.

The Power Magic Ultra Battery, in spite of its larger size, can be stealthily installed as well, as it is able to connect to the fuse box (recommended installation) and tucked under the driver's or passenger's seat or glove box.

The Power Magic Battery Pack is harder to hide since it requires to be connected to a cigarette lighter socket.
Also, if you want to use the USB ports of the B-112, you will likely have to keep it somewhere in sight. However, if your car features some inconspicuous cigarette lighter power socket, the B-112 can be both handy and stealthy.

1 hour for Power Magic Battery Pack, 40 or 80 minutes for Ultra Battery.

The Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112) plugs into the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket exclusively. It takes about one hour to reach full charge and can power most BlackVue dashcams for 8 hours (dual-channel) to 12 hours (single-channel).

The Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) can either be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket (5A charging) or hardwired via the fuse box (9A fast charging):

  • With 5A power, it takes about 80 minutes to reach full charge.
  • With 9A power, it takes about 40 minutes to reach full charge.

It can power most BlackVue dashcams for 16 to more than 24 hours, depending on your dashcam model.

Power Magic Ultra Battery all the way

This one is easy: Power Magic Ultra Battery gives you plenty of power by itself. But you can still more than double the capacity thanks to the Power Magic Expansion Battery. Even better, the Expansions can be daisy-chained for even more power (time to full charge will of course increase as well).

If you have a very large car battery, the PMP or PMEZ can also work and are definitely more affordable. That said, you need to factor in the long term wear of your vehicle's battery as well in case you use Parking Mode often.

Please avoid combining Power Magic accessories. Read below for more details.

One of the most common questions we get is "Can I connect a Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) or Battery Pack (B-112) to a Power Magic Pro (PMP)?"

The reasoning is usually that the PMP would feed power to the dashcam via the B-112 or B-124X, then when the vehicle's battery reaches the voltage cutoff value, the PMP would stop drawing power from the car's battery, letting the B-112/B-124X take over. That way, you would get longer Parking Mode time by combining power from both the car's battery and the B-112/B-124X.
Although this could seem like a good idea, it does not work.
Here is why:

  1. The Power Magic Pro is rated for a 1A output (Max 2A) as it is designed to power your dashcam (less than 0.4A draw). Meanwhile, both the Ultra Battery (in cigarette lighter mode) and Battery Pack draw more than the Power Magic Pro's max rated current (5A and 3.5A respectively). That means either Power Magic battery would blow the Power Magic Pro's fuse while charging or would take forever to charge.
  2. Even if the PMP could sustain the amperage required by the B-112 or B-124X, it would likely not give you a lot more Parking Mode time in most cases. First, if the B-112 or B-124X was not fully charged while turning ignition off, it would draw about 10 times more power than your dashcam does, meaning it would drain the car's battery about 10 times faster.
  3. Drawing that much power from your car's battery while ignition is off will wear your battery much faster, so it is definitely not recommended.
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