The BlackVue Cloud API and Fleet SDK
are both designed for integration of BlackVue dashcams
into third-party fleet management or GPS tracking solutions.

They do differ greatly in their implementation and features, though.

How to decide which one you need?


Fleet SDK

Deep customization and control
With the Fleet SDK, you get access to an array of exclusive features and control how the BlackVue dashboard cameras communicate with your vehicles’ on-board telematics.

Cloud API

Access to BlackVue Cloud features
With the Cloud API, you can connect your fleet software to BlackVue’s trusted Cloud platform powered by Amazon Web Services. Simply enhance your existing solution with live video and video files from the BlackVue dashcams.


Fleet SDK

Locally connect to the dashcam
With the Fleet SDK, your on-board telematics device connects directly to the dashcam via Wi-Fi. It is up to you to connect to the dashcam remotely using your own existing network infrastructure.

Cloud API

Connect to BlackVue’s Cloud server
With the Cloud API, your software program connects to the BlackVue Cloud server. The BlackVue dashcam must be connected to the Cloud via a Wi-Fi internet access point.


Cloud API Fleet SDK
Dashcam models supported DR900S Series, DR750S Series DR750S Series with custom firmware
BlackVue Cloud server connectivity (via hotspot)
BlackVue Cloud account required
On-board telematics connectivity
Integration with your solution At the Cloud server level At the dashcam level
Customization level
Registration process Simple application form Application form + signed NDA

To summarize, the Cloud API provides a simple way to access videos and view live footage from your dashcams over the Cloud right from your fleet management application.

If you want to deeply integrate the BlackVue dashcams into your solution and need to keep all data transmissions within your own network infrastructure, the Fleet SDK will provide the tools you need.

Not into programming?
Looking for a simple and effective fleet tracking solution with video?