Chill Out With BlackVue – Special Guest Episode

Until now, the Chill Out With BlackVue series included footage from the epic Last Overland trip from Singapore to London taking place back in 2019. You can catch up on the previous episodes here.

However, today’s episode is special – recorded by BlackVue Ambassador Dino’s BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam. The footage features one of the most beautiful roads in Croatia, Southeast Europe. The scenic road is located in the northern part of the region called Dalmatia and some of the views are truly breathtaking!

So click on the thumbnail above to watch the picturesque video filled with stunning Croatian nature, paired up with curated selection of relaxing music! This episode is shorter than our usual compilations, but that doesn’t mean it’s not packed with beautiful scenery and good music.

Dino is a Croatian vlogger and BlackVue Ambassador – you can watch his adventures captured by his dashcam on his YouTube channel and Instagram profile.

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