Chill Out With BlackVue – Episode 49 (1-hour BlackVue Footage Music Video)

The Last Overland Team left Paris and is now heading to Brussels, Belgium. As we near the end of this thrilling journey, we can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic – the Last Overland kept us company through the BlackVue footage for over a year now! Strap in and start your week right with another hour of open roads, cloudy skies and – as usual – curated selection of music for you to enjoy.

The Last Overland was an epic trip from Singapore to London that took place in 2019. It was also a homage to the first overland expedition from London to Singapore back in 1955. The trip spanned over 111 days and 19,000 kilometres!

More about The Last Overland:

BlackVue provided 4K UHD dashcam (model DR900S-2CH – you can purchase its successor here) for the duration of the trip to capture all the action.

In this series, we provide over 1-hour long videos from the expedition from amazing places captured by the BlackVue dashcams.


00:00 LiQWYD – Hands High
02:26 Marin Hoxha – Tragic (feat. ENROSA)
05:00 Naulé – Awake
07:47 Oscuro – The Weight Of The World
11:07 Scandinavianz – Sameland
13:33 SKIRK – Sunset
16:38 Thomas Gresen – Last Dance
19:58 Tobjan – Memories
23:28 Tokyo Music Walker – Colorful Flowers
27:32 Vendredi – Deep Sea
30:29 Vinsmoker – Just The Start (feat. Mike Watson)
33:14 XIXI – Find You
35:59 Sainntset – Flying
40:12 Alban Chela & Dcoverz – Alone
43:20 Alisky – On
45:58 Arthur Vyncke – The Uprising
52:33 ASHUTOSH – Time
55:37 BGM President – This is the End
57:54 Hotham – Distant
1:00:26 Hozgram – After
1:03:28 Jay Someday – I Need It

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