Chill Out With BlackVue – Episode 43 (1-hour BlackVue Footage Music Video)

This week we leave Hungary’s capital city and drive to Nitra, a city in western Slovakia – one of the oldest in the country. If you’re a regular viewer of the #ChillOutWithBlackVue series with the Last Overland, you probably noticed the stark contrast between the views from a few episodes ago and now that the team is driving through central Europe! As usual, we hope you enjoy this episode – visuals provided by the BlackVue 4K UHD dashcam (BlackVue DR900X-2CH dashcam available here), accompanied by relaxing music. Have a great week!

The Last Overland was an epic trip from Singapore to London that took place in 2019. It was also a homage to the first overland expedition from London to Singapore back in 1955. The trip spanned over 111 days and 19,000 kilometres!

More about The Last Overland:

BlackVue provided 4K UHD dashcam (model DR900S-2CH � you can purchase its successor here) for the duration of the trip to capture all the action.

In this series, we provide over 1-hour long videos from the expedition from amazing places captured by the BlackVue dashcams.


00:00 Abandoned & GalaxyTones – Luna (Feat. DNAKM)
03:21 Airixis – Left Alone
6:21 Amine Maxwell – Be Mine
8:23 Artificial.Music – A Turning Point
11:43 Enine – SkyHigh
14:57 Hiracutch – Resilencia
21:00 JayJen – Stardust
23:37 jiglr – Sneaking
26:13 KV – Sphere
28:59 Ason ID – Lisbon
32:15 Atch – Over you
35:28 AWN – From The Seaside
39:19 Electronic Senses – Ice Machine
44:04 Lesion X – Palm Trees
46:38 Marin Hoxha – Nostalgic (feat. Hannah Pisani)
49:35 Mauro Somm – Playa
53:55 Nck – Live My Fantasies
57:18 Onycs – Shine
1:02:05 Rolipso & Shiah Maisel – Good Enough
1:04:45 tubebackr – Someone Else

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