Chill Out With BlackVue – Episode 3 (1-hour BlackVue Footage Music Video)

Relax with the third episode in our ongoing Chill Out With BlackVue series! In this episode, The Last Overland’s Team will go from Khorough to Kevron (Tajikistan).

In this series we provide you with over 1-hour long BlackVue compilation videos from the epic Last Overland road trip, paired with some great music. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

About the Last Overland X BlackVue collab:

The Last Overland was an epic trip from Singapore to London that took place back in 2019. It was also a homage to the first overland expedition from London to Singapore back in 1955. The trip spanned over 111 days and over 19,000 kilometres (almost 12,000 miles)!

More about The Last Overland:

BlackVue provided a 4K UHD dashcam (model DR900S-2CH) for the duration of the trip to capture all the action. Larry Leong from The Last Overland Team gracefully shared all the recorded footage with us.

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Ervin Gonxhi, Marin Hoxha, Vinsmoker – Heartbeat
Eneko Artola – Becoming True
Jimmy Hardwind – Submarine
Half – ID – Pokerfaces
Cjbeards – Burning Down
AWN – 8
Atch – Voyage
High Beam & MaMan – Stronger (feat. Alessia Labate)
AWN – Bleu Nuit
Jim Yosef – Let You Go
LiQWYD – Call Me
Niwel, Michel Young – Everybody Knows
Orlane & Namski – Happy City
Oshóva – Lonely Ride
REPE_T – Chill
S O U N D S – Out Of Bounds (feat. Casey Breves)
Voron – La La Life
X6zt – By My Side (feat. Nathan Brumley)
Thomas Gresen – Spotlight

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