Chill Out With BlackVue – Episode 10 (1-hour BlackVue Footage Music Video)

Start your week right with some chill-out music and crystal clear BlackVue footage! This episode of the Last Overland x BlackVue collaboration will take you from Bukhara (Uzbekistan) to Mary in Turkmenistan. Enjoy!

The Last Overland was an epic trip from Singapore to London that took place in 2019.

It was also a homage to the first overland expedition from London to Singapore back in 1955. The trip span over 111 days and 19,000 kilometres!

More about The Last Overland:

BlackVue provided 4K UHD dashcam (model DR900S-2CH) for the duration of the trip to capture all the action. In this series, we provide over 1-hour long videos from the expedition from amazing places captured by the BlackVue dashcams.

Le Gang – Coffee Dreams
Lockbox – Disarm You ft. Dani King
MBB – Summer
Mezhdunami – Uncut gems
Mona Wonderlick – Introspection
Nettson – Remember
sakura Hz – Doing Nothing
Seoul June – Waves Are Beautiful Only When They Break
Artificial.Music – The Perpetual Ticking of Time
wilsonlikethevolleyball – Are You What You Want (Barren Gates Remix)
Soyb – Superstar
Time To Talk – Time To Talk ft. Georgia Michel
Soyb & Amine Maxwell – Maarif
Seoul June- Dreams Are Pretty
Soyb – Sunflower
Vishmak – Faith
tubebackr – Tropics
Vishmak – I Am OK
Xaia, Rain Man, Oly – Breakdown
Altero & NVRT – One Day
Artificial.Music – Floral Nights

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