Cargo Flies Off Truck, Damages Car On A Highway #CaughtOnBlackVue

All kinds of dangers await us on the road. This is why having a dashcam installed in your car is so essential nowadays – it’s your best proof against unexpected incidents, such as this one!

Repairs Handled Quickly Thanks To BlackVue

BlackVue user Leon was driving on a highway when suddenly, some of the cargo flew off of the truck ahead of him. Unfortunately, some of the items hit Leon’s car straight on. What’s worse, when Leon finally found a place to safely stop on the highway, the truck… simply overtook him, without stopping.

BlackVue dashcam (older model recording in HD image quality; get a 4K UHD BlackVue dashcam here) installed in Leon’s car allowed him to identify the name of the truck’s company. Thanks to the footage he was able to prove fault in this incident, and get full insurance coverage (the damages were estimated at £5,000, roughly $7,000).

With just one call, his claim and repairs were quickly arranged. With the video proof from the BlackVue dashcam, Leon was saved weeks of trouble and hassle trying to sort an insurance claim.

This could happen to anyone. Don’t have a dashcam yet? Check here and get yours today!

About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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