Car Wash Damages Customer's Vehicle #CaughtOnBlackVue

When we entrust our prized possessions in the hands of professionals, we believe they are… well, in good hands. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.
This is what happened to BlackVue user Ivan.
He left his vehicle at a local car wash, specifically asking for a hand wash. He knew his car was too low for the machine washing, and besides, he was afraid of paint scratches.
When he got his car back, he noticed a lout exhaust leak, which wasn’t there before. He asked at the car wash if they took his vehicle through the machine instead of a hand wash as requested. The manager denied the accusation and told Ivan the damage was already there.
“They didn’t know I had a dash cam,” Ivan told us. “I uploaded the videos right way when he was telling me all these lies.”
It turned out that not only the car wash employees disregarded Ivan’s request completely and put the car through the car wash, it got stuck. It took the entire crew to get it unstuck. The exhaust of Ivan’s car was damaged in the process.
Upon seeing the video evidence recorded on Ivan’s BlackVue DR900S-1CH dashcam, they ended up paying for the damages in full.
And you? Don’t wait until something happens. Get your BlackVue dashcam today.
Ivan chose BlackVue DR900S-2CH as his prize – he said it will be a great fit for his wife’s vehicle!
Remember that #CaughtOnBlackVue is an ongoing event and it’s never too late to send us your video! All you have to do is fill in the form and upload your BlackVue video (instructions on how to do so here). Every week we will pick a winner of the grand prize (either the BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K dashcam or the Power Magic Ultra Battery). Even if you don’t receive the grand prize, if your video is published on our blog or social media, you will receive a guaranteed BlackVue swag bag full of goodies!

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