Car Thief’s Multiple Break-In Attempts Caught on BlackVue Dashcam

This BlackVue dash​cam Parking Mode video posted by BlackVue Maroc, our Morocco distributor, shows a thief attempting to break into several cars and the BlackVue owner’s car multiple times. 

Over 300K views in 4 days for car thief in Morocco

The thief was probably not expecting this but with the video going viral (over 300,000 views over the past 4 days), he might be getting some unwanted attention as the shots from the front and rear cameras show his face clearly. 

You might think that close to ten minutes is a bit long for a “break-in” video. That’s because the thief does not just give it a try and run away. On the contrary, he shows determination, doing a lot of back and forth, going away and coming back with different tools to try and pry the car open. 

With both motion-based and impact-based buffered Parking Mode, the BlackVue dash​cam was able to catch all the action, spanning a period of over forty minutes.

At some point, the vehicle’s owner even walks by and comes close to catching our thief red-handed but the vandal gets away with it, pretending he was urinating behind the vehicle (which is parked along a fence). 

A case BlackVue Cloud could have helped resolve faster

For clarity, we would like to add that the dashcam was not connected to the Cloud, so the on-screen message only mentions it as a feature that if made use of, would have helped apprehend the culprit, as the dashcam would have sent multiple Push Notifications whenever the impacts were detected. 

About the dash​cam

If you are curious about the dashcam used, the model in this video is the DR650S-2CH, which was replaced last year by the DR750S-2CH


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