Car Spinning On A Highway #CaughtOnBlackVue

This is a recent video sent to us by BlackVue user Mike.

He was driving on a highway in heavy rain, when suddenly a car in front of him spun out of control and hit the barrier. It didn’t look like anybody was hurt, according to Mike, but it shows how important it is to stay alert when driving in bad weather conditions!

Note: By the end of first clip you can see Mike’s hand in the screen. That’s because he wanted to manually record the incident (the video footage would be marked as “M” on his file list). Manual recording is a feature of BlackVue dashcams (with built-in Proximity senor) that creates a separate Event recording file (starting 5 seconds before it was triggered) when the sensor is touched, or a finger is waved within 20mm of the sensor.

The footage was captured by the 4K UHD Cloud BlackVue dashcam, DR900S-2CH (available here).

Watch the video by clicking here or the thumbnail above.

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