Car Spinning On A Busy Highway #CaughtOnBlackVue

BlackVue user Jonathan sent us this video of a dangerous situation on the road captured by his 4K LTE dash cam.

Unexpected situation on a highway

Jonathan is a Lyft driver and he was with a passenger when he had to suddenly brake and get to the side of the road. The reason? A silver sedan spinning out of control in the middle of a busy highway in front of his car.

Thankfully there were no other vehicles directy behind or in front of the spinning car or the situaton could have ended a lot worse. The driver of the spinning car managed to regain control and stop at the side of the road safely.

Always drive defensively

Jonathan’s passenger claimed to have a neck injury after the sudden braking – but he had proof that the braking wasn’t unwarranted. “The camera really saved me and the clip speaks for itself.” BlackVue user added.

Quick reflexes and defensive driving are two skills that are crucial for ensuring the safety of both the driver and other road users.

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