Car Sideswiped in Parking Mode Caught On Dashcam

A car being sideswiped by a reckless driver was caught recently on a BlackVue DR650S-2CH dashcam in Parking Mode. The video was posted on YouTube by BlackVue retailer and installation shop Gold Coast Car Sound, based in Australia. After just a couple days, the video got almost 20,000 views. The video was captured from the inside of a brand new Audi S3 sedan parked on the side of the road. You can see another vehicle swerving dangerously and quickly approaching before violently hitting the side of the parked car—wrecking both side doors in the process. The reckless driver fled the scene, but according to the video description, the police was able to identify and find the culprit thanks to the footage captured by the BlackVue installed in the Audi.

Looking at the video–captured on both the front and rear cameras of the dashcam–one could wonder if the collision was intentional or if the reckless driver just lose control of the vehicle. Either way, they didn’t bother leaving a note!

This video is a textbook example of why dashcams are so essential on the road these days!

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or HERE.

If you too live in Australia and want to find the closest local retailer, check BlackVue Australia’s store locator here.

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