Car Keyed In Parking Lot #CaughtOnBlackVue

Another week, another #CaughtOnBlackVue video! This time, an outrageous example of unnecessary vandalism.

A Large Scratch That Wasn’t There Before

BlackVue user Mitch was maneuvering into a parking space where another driver was trying to enter.

Mitch was already indicating, and the other driver was not giving way. Despite that, Mitch successfully parked his car and, not thinking much of it, he went shopping.

However, after he got back home he noticed a huge scratch down the side of his car.

Culprit Caught On BlackVue Footage

He quickly checked the footage recorded by his BlackVue (older “S” series model – you can get the updated “X” series model here). And here it was, plain as day.

The other driver waited until Mitch entered the store, looked around once or twice and then keyed Mitch’s car! While the dashcam couldn’t record the act itself (due to incident happening at the side of the vehicle), you can clearly see the culprit carrying a set of keys in his hand and then� A terrible scratching sound can be heard, as the BlackVue dashcams record audio as well (unless turned off).

Mitch contacted the police and gave them a copy of the recorded footage. They went to the culprit’s house the very next day and ordered him to pay for the damages.

In the end, thanks to the BlackVue dashcam recording in Parking Mode (Mitch had Power Magic Pro accessory installed for that purpose) saved the driver £4,200 (over $5,900)!

About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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