Car Crash After Double Lane Change While Speeding #CaughtOnBlackVue

Having a dash cam recording your daily drives is the best line of defence against unfounded accusations.

Double sweep ends in a sidesweep

This video from a few years ago was sent to us by one of our Customers who prefers to reimain anonymous. While he was driving his new car, a speeding Nissan Altima did a double lane sweep (from the furthermost left lane), hitting the BlackVue user’s vehicle.

Who’s at fault?

When the police arrived on scene, the Altima driver claimed he wasn’t at fault and blamed the BlackVue user instead. Our Customer downloaded the video and showed it to the police. They clearly saw the other driver was at fault and used the information in their police report. Apparently, the Altima driver did not see the BlackVue user’s car due the limo tint in their vehicle. With the video as proof the other driver’s insurance paid for the repair, which ended up costing $8000.

Please note that this is a video recorded with an older BlackVue model. To check the newest lineup of full HD BlackVue dash cam models, click here.

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About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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