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Ignitis ON: Discover Lithuania


This EV racing event used BlackVue Cloud-connected dash cams to monitor, record and live broadcast the event to fans!

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About Ignitis

Ignitis is an electric vehicle charging solution provider based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It provides charging solutions to individuals and business throughout the country as well as Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Finland through its subsidiaries.

Its Ignitis ON electric vehicle charging service is the largest fast-charging station network in Lithuania.

Since 2014, Ignitis sponsors the only EV rally competition in the Baltics. In 2022, the rally took place for the 8th year in a row. The goal? Drive the longest distance within six hours. Drivers must manage their vehicles efficiently so as to cover as much distance as possible without depleting their battery too fast, all while adhering to traffic laws and speed limits. 

As global interest for electric vehicles increased, the event grew from a race between a few friends to a competition where the major brands in the EV industry are now represented. 

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What problems did the organizers need to solve?

“After the race in 2021 there were many complaints from the competitors, who said that the others were breaking the rules on the road. ” said Darius Grinbergas, organizer.
“Then one team suggested that we should install cameras in every car, so that if needed, we could check if someone did break the rules.
But imagine if we had to check almost 40 cars who drove for 6 hours each, we’d be looking at the recordings for weeks!” 

Race participants compete on roads open to the public and must adhere to traffic rules.

Why did they choose BlackVue?

"During the Winter we tried to find a solution and we found one. Our email was answered by Pittasoft [...]. Their BlackVue cameras can stream the footage live and anyone in the world can login and report any incidents."
Darius Grinbergas
Ignitis ON Race Organizer

How did Ignitis ON: Discover Lithuania integrate with BlackVue?

Following the suggestion to use cameras in the vehicles, the organizers kept looking for a solution that would fit their needs.

“During the Winter we tried to find a solution and we found one”, said race organizer Darius Grinbergas. “Our email was answered by “Pittasoft” a company that makes the most advanced dashcams. Their “BlackVue” cameras can stream the footage live and anyone in the world can login and report any incidents. We had many  online meetings with Pittasoft to figure out all of the logistics and technical hurdles for the event and reached an agreement. At first we had capped the amount of entries at 30, but just in the first week alone, we received 34 entries, at the same time 32 BlackVue cameras were on their way to Lithuania. We increased the number of participants to 40 and Pittasoft sent us a few more cameras. During the race anyone was able to connect to any camera of the participants and see what they were seeing without any restrictions. 

All 37 cars were fitted with the BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus cameras. Even though not mandatory, some participants turned on the cameras facing the drivers, so technically there were even more cameras broadcasting live. But even 37 was more than enough to beat the Lithuanian record.

The Ignitis ON: Discover Lithuania race started small but now in its 8th year, it attracts prestigious sponsors and global EV manufacturers.
The Minister of Energy, the vice-minister of Transport and the mayor of Vilnius were present at the opening ceremony, underlining the popularity and legitimacy garnered by the event over the years.

The organizers used BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus dashcams with built-in LTE connectivity in each participant’s car. For data, they used local SIM cards that allowed them to stream the whole 6-hour + event from each camera. To manage all these connected cameras, BlackVue provided the organizers with a Fleet Plan.

Happy participants, happy organizers. It’s not easy to keep everyone satisfied with close to forty vehicles across four categories (based on vehicle range) driving on open roads. Organizer Darius Grinbergas stated that “it was the first time we had no complaints from the participants“, thanks to the cameras keeping everyone accountable.

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Case Studies

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By using BlackVue LTE dash cams and Fleet Tracking, they were able to track any infractions in real time, while allowing a global audience to access any of the 37 connected cameras installed in competitors’ vehicles for the whole duration of this 6-hour endurance event.

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BlackVue Ignitis ON EV Race Lithuania

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