Case Study
Croatian Automobile Club – HAK

This non-profit uses BlackVue
to improve the driver’s license
examination process

About HAK

HAK (Hrvatski autoklub, i.e. Croatian Automobile Club) is a non-profit organization. It is a national automobile association in Croatia doing roadside assistance, travel and traffic information, conducting driver examinations, etc.
It is the sole body responsible for conducting driver examinations in Croatia, by the license granted by the government.


Croatian Automobile Club
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What problems did HAK need to solve?

A new legislation in Croatia was established that required HAK to audio-visually record driver examination sessions inside the vehicle.

This would allow for a fair appeal process in case a candidate driver fails the exam and objects to the examiner’s decision.

Such recordings, that are kept for up to a year, would allow for auditing of HAK examiners and serve as an educational tool with the goal that all examiners apply the same criteria, guidelines and requirements when conducting driver exams.

Why did HAK choose BlackVue?

"BlackVue single-channel dashcams (DR750S and later models) satisfied all our requirements, such as robustness and build quality, video quality, audio recording from inside the vehicle, customizable settings and especially API integration with our custom-made mobile app that we've developed for our examiners. Pittasoft also developed a custom firmware for our use-case that extends the default B2B API with even more functionalities that were necessary for our project."
Goran Baotic
Head of Business Support Division & CIO

How did HAK integrate with BlackVue?

HAK use single-channel Blackvue dashcams (DR750S-1CH models) with custom B2B API to record driving examination sessions, all the while remotely controlling recording and various other functions via provided API from HAK’s own line of business mobile (tablet) app in real-time.
HAK also established a once-per-week process of backing up the recordings from the SD cards to their server/storage system, and prepping the cards for use for the following week.

HAK used the BlackVue Fleet SDK and DR750S-1CH dashcams equipped with the Custom B2B Firmware. With the B2B API, they were able to connect to the dashcam from their custom app.

Every car used by HAK for driver examination is equipped with a BlackVue mount. Then each examiner can easily install their custom BlackVue dashcam before proceeding to the examination.

With their custom app, examiners are able to view the BlackVue footage in real time and manually control the start and end of each recording (by default, BlackVue dashcams record in a loop as soon as powered).

Case Studies

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The organizers of this EV race event used BlackVue to foster fair play and broadcast to a wide audience

By using BlackVue LTE dash cams and Fleet Tracking, they were able to track any infractions in real time, while allowing a global audience to access any of the 37 connected cameras installed in competitors’ vehicles for the whole duration of this 6-hour endurance event.

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BlackVue Ignitis ON EV Race Lithuania

Prime Servant - CETRA (Japan)

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Croatian Automobile Club - HAK

This non-profit uses BlackVue to improve the driver’s license examination process

Challenge: fulfill new transparency requirements imposed by the Croatian Government and provide a fair appeal process to the candidates as well as auditing and educational tools to the examiners.

Featured products: DR750S-1CH, BlackVue Fleet SDK

Oyu Tolgoi LLC (Mongolia)

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