Case Study
Prime Servant – CETRA (Japan)

CETRA uses BlackVue
to make roads more secure
while protecting citizens’ privacy


CETRA stands for Citizen Entry Type Record Application. Prime Servant, Inc., the company running CETRA, is an information processing service and video platform business using artificial intelligence technology. It operates in Tokyo, Japan.
CETRA is a video platform project that redefines dashcams as moving CCTV (closed-circuit television, i.e. security cameras) and uses them for local crime prevention, criminal investigation, and preparation for natural disasters.

The concept of CETRA

Safer local community created by cooperation between government and citizens.

  Citizens Local Government Law enforcement
Role They use a dashcam that is linked to the CETRA system in their daily life. As an intermediary between citizens and law enforcement agencies, local government budgets for subsidies for purchasing dashcams or delivers information to citizens and the police. Can use the footage provided by citizens to investigate incidents.
Benefits Citizens can contribute to the local community’s safety, and get a monetary compensation in case their footage is used. Local government reinforces their position in society and offers practical services to citizens at the same time. Can obtain relevant data faster and more efficiently.

CETRA Website:

What problems did CETRA need to solve?

In a country where citizens are concerned by privacy issues caused by static surveillance cameras, CETRA needed a solution to search/request only the required range of images from participants’ dashcam running in the vicinity of an incident and provide them to relevant agencies such as police or fire departments.

All this needed to be done while respecting privacy and in a cost-effective way.

CETRA aims to reduce reliance on costly surveilance camera systems and empower drivers to participate in making their neighborhoods safer and more respectful of individuals’ privacy. 

Why did Prime Servant choose BlackVue?

  • None of the local dashcam companies (in Japan) were able to meet CETRA’s requirements.
  • Prior to integrating with BlackVue, CETRA started the service with a dashcam application in smartphones. However, it faced limitations.
  • Later, the problem was solved by linking the BlackVue Cloud server with the CETRA server.

How did CETRA integrate with BlackVue?


  • CETRA connects to BlackVue Cloud at the server level, using the BlackVue Cloud API.

For example, if the police request the CETRA platform to search videos based on specific time and location criteria, CETRA forwards the request to the BlackVue Cloud server.

After it receives the request, BlackVue Cloud searches if any CETRA participant’s dashcam recorded video that meets the conditions (The GPS Log data of the dashcam is being collected 24/7). If there is any, the dashcam user is prompted to upload the video to BlackVue Cloud. As soon as the user uploads the video, BlackVue Cloud transfers the video to the CETRA server for processing and analysis.

After an incident is confirmed, a CETRA-authorized officer logs into the CETRA server and enters a search perimeter around the location of the incident, as well as a time interval. The request is relayed to participants’ dashcams via the BlackVue Cloud server.

After the dashcam receives the signal, the BlackVue dashcam searches for the footage. If there is footage recorded when the accident happened, it will identify relevant footage and prompt the user to upload it to BlackVue Cloud for CETRA purpose.

The footage uploaded from each dashcam is forwarded to the CETRA server, where it is analyzed and used for criminal investigation, identifying the cause of the accident, and preparing for natural disasters.

Case Studies

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The organizers of this EV race event used BlackVue to foster fair play and broadcast to a wide audience

By using BlackVue LTE dash cams and Fleet Tracking, they were able to track any infractions in real time, while allowing a global audience to access any of the 37 connected cameras installed in competitors’ vehicles for the whole duration of this 6-hour endurance event.

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BlackVue Ignitis ON EV Race Lithuania

Prime Servant - CETRA (Japan)

CETRA uses BlackVue to make roads more secure while protecting citizens’ privacy

CETRA (Citizen Entry Type Record Application) is a Japan-based project focused on reducing reliance on CCTV surveillance while taking advantage of citizens’ dashcams.

Featured products: DR750-2CH LTE, BlackVue Cloud API

Croatian Automobile Club - HAK

This non-profit uses BlackVue to improve the driver’s license examination process

Challenge: fulfill new transparency requirements imposed by the Croatian Government and provide a fair appeal process to the candidates as well as auditing and educational tools to the examiners.

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Oyu Tolgoi LLC (Mongolia)

This mining company uses BlackVue Fleet Tracking to monitor driver safety across their whole fleet of trucks.

Oyu Tolgoi LLC is a Australian-Mongolian joint venture that chose BlackVue Fleet Tracking for its reliability and ease of use.

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