Break-in Caught On Dashcam with Interior IR Camera

Break-in caught on BlackVue

There are situations where you think your car is safe and there’s no need to worry about accidents or theft. And yet, this footage sent to us by our customer proves that it’s always better to be prepared. In the video (click the thumbnail or watch it HERE) we see a young man breaking in to a parked car, checking for valuables before he takes off.

Settlement with the hotel

Thanks to the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH IR dashcam installed in the vehicle, the police could easily identify the culprit. Although we decided to blur his face in the video, the original footage showed facial details very clearly. Our customer was able to sue for damages. As it turns out, the car was parked by a valet at a hotel. The valet forgot to lock the car. Our customer won the settlement with the hotel.

Thanks to our customer for sharing this video with us. We are happy his BlackVue helped him out.
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Drive safe!

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