Bold Thieves Caught Thanks To BlackVue Dashcam

This truly bold theft attempt was shared by the victim, who is a BlackVue Customer in France.

The Customer is an owner of a construction company and one of his vehicles was parked for the night. Two men in a white van deliberately parked nearby, only to break into the Customer’s vehicle and steal thousands of euros’ worth in construction tools!

The thieves, pretty sure in their actions, ignored the wailing anti-burglary alarm and broke into the back of the Customer’s van, cut the ties that were securing the tools and soon after they were off.

Fortunately, they had no idea that a BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR dashcam (available for purchase here) was installed in the car – guarding both the front and inside of it. The front camera caught the license plate, and the interior IR camera registered everything that happened at the back, making it a pretty clear evidence.

The thieves were discovered in less than 48 hours… at another construction site.

Without BlackVue dashcam, the owner would have lost several thousand euros in equipment, Thankfully, he was able to retrieve all of it!

You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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