BLACKVUE x KRISPY CROSS COUNTRY – BlackVue Dashcams Testimonial

How it started

Originally, Chris and his team at Krispy Media were headed for the SEMA Show. But as you probably know, SEMA–along with many other events trade shows last year–was cancelled. This put a damper on the team’s plans… but it didn’t stop them as they thought of something else.

Instead, they took their BlackVue-equipped cars on a month-long, cross-country trip in October of 2020, where they would meet with gearheads and car aficionados all over the US.

It feels like yesterday, the day we announced our partnership with the Krispy Media and their Krispy Cross Country trip. Since then, they embarked on a 10,000+ miles journey across the US. They documented their adventures in the form of entertaining vlogs on the Krispy Media channel on YouTube.

How it ended

Krispy Cross Country – 55-minute long recap of the amazing trip

During the trip, Chris’ 700hp Subaru Legacy Wagon (and a minivan) were accompanied by dual-channel BlackVue dashcams – the DR900X-2CH and DR750-2CH LTE, paired up with the Power Magic Ultra Battery for Parking Mode recording. The dashcams kept an eye on the Legacy and the minivan, both on the road and when the team was resting in-between the next legs of the trip.

In this testimonial you can learn what Chris said about the performance of the dashcams (DR900X-2CH and DR750-2CH LTE) during the Krispy Cross Country Trip and beyond.

Chris’ favorite was the DR900X-2CH setup – thanks to the 4K image quality and wide angle, Chris and his team were able to capture things they wouldn’t have otherwise, like a ladder lying in the middle of the road!

Most of all, however, they liked the “set it and forget it” factor, with the dashcam never getting in the way, plus the peace of mind provided by Parking Mode and the ability to check on their vehicles from anywhere, anytime.

Learn more from Chris’ testimonial here.

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