[BlackVue Windows Viewer] Improved Video Playback, 64-bit Support, Driving Reports

Dear BlackVue Users, 

We have updated the BlackVue Windows Viewer (version 2.1) for better playback performance with 4K, 60FPS and HEVC videos.
The features of the BlackVue Viewer Pro for Windows are now integrated into the Windows Viewer (BlackVue Fleet Tracking account required).
This version also brings support for the new Driving Reports feature (BlackVue Fleet Tracking).

Note: the BlackVue Mac Viewer was also updated to version 1.24 for Driving Reports compatibility.

What’s new?

Version 2.01:

IMPORTANT: uninstall any past version of the BlackVue Viewer (up to v1.22) or BlackVue Viewer Pro (up to v1.12) before installing this version (v2.01). 

  1. Improved Video playback:
    1. Smoother 4K UHD, Full HD 60FPS, HEVC video playback on most hardware configurations. 
    2. PIP (Picture-In-Picture) deactivated by default. PIP displays a smaller version of the rear camera in a corner of the screen while playing the front camera footage in full screen. This could slow down playback significantly when playing 4K or Full HD 60FPS videos. By default, PIP is now deactivated but can be activated in the settings. 
  2. 64-bit support for better performance: the installer will detect automatically which version to install, based on your computer operating system’s configuration (32-bit or 64-bit). The 64-bit version further improves video playback performance.
  3. BlackVue Viewer Pro features integration (Fleet Tracking account required):
    1. No more separate versions. The BlackVue Viewer now incorporates all the BlackVue Viewer Pro exclusive Fleet Tracking features, like geo-fence setup, 90-day GPS logs export, etc. 
    2. To unlock the Fleet Tracking features, just click on the Cloud Viewer button and then log into your Fleet Tracking account (Account button > Login). After logging in, a Fleet tracking button will show up next to the Account button.
  4. Notifications log now has its own tab.
  5. New Driving Reports feature (BlackVue Fleet Tracking only).
    You can now view, print and export to CSV reports on each dashcam including distance traveled, time traveled, idle time, number of Events videos recorded, geo-fence related events, etc. (Fleet Tracking button > Driving reports).

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