[Software Release] BlackVue Viewer Pro for Cloud Business Account

Dear BlackVue Users, 

We just released the brand new BlackVue Viewer Pro for Cloud Business Account users. 
Note: this viewer software is compatible with Windows only.

BlackVue Viewer Pro builds on the original BlackVue Viewer and expands its fleet management features. 
Please note that the Viewer is free to download, but you will need a Cloud Business Account to take advantage of the following new features: 

  • Multi Live View : monitor up to four dashcams simultaneously. 
    Simply double-click on a connected dashcam from your list, then in the Live View window, click on the “Division” button to divide the Live View window in four sections. Double-clicking on another dashcam will then add its Live View stream to one of the empty sections.


  • GPS Tracking History : access GPS data up to 90 days back.
    Access it by clicking on the GPS Tracking button. You can then access the GPS data logs from the dashcams you have registered, even if they are currently offline.
    GPS data can be exported in a spreadsheet format (.xls) or printed out directly from the Viewer.


BlackVue Viewer supports all the latest BlackVue models and is compatible with BlackVue Cloud.
Note: like the regular BlackVue Viewer, this Viewer contains two applications in one. You can switch between SD Card Viewer and BlackVue Viewer Pro anytime.

  • The SD Card Viewer lets you view recorded videos from your microSD card and modify the settings of your BlackVue, as well as format the card.
  • The BlackVue Viewer Pro lets you enjoy BlackVue Cloud and exclusive fleet management features.

Important: you must log in with a Cloud Business Account to access fleet-specific functions such as Multi Live View and GPS Tracking History. A regular BlackVue Cloud Account will not give access to those features. For more info, check the Cloud Business Account page.

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