BlackVue Sponsors Caballo Del Diablo For NORRA Mexican 1000 Off-Road Race

We are proud to announce that BlackVue partnered up with Devil Horse Motorsports LLC, owners of the 1968 Ford Bronco “Caballo Del Diablo” for the 2018 Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 Off-Road race that takes place April 21-27th 2018 in Baja California Mexico.

BlackVue is debuting into the extreme environments of off-road racing by joining the team just in time for the global launch of the highly anticipated 4K UHD DR900S Series dashcam.

The 1,369 mile on and off-road rally will showcase the new capabilities of the cutting-edge technology contained within the DR900S Series dashcam. This new model features an ultra-wide 162-degree lens with 4K Ultra High Definition recording. Capturing at 4K resolution, which is 4x full HD, the footage recorded during the event will be as extreme as the environment. Featuring an eight-megapixel sensor that is designed for low-noise and low-light recording, the Caballo Del Diablo team will have additional security for race and crew vehicles as they are parked during overnight portions of the race.

“I cannot wait to see what incredible footage the team is going to capture on their adventure”, said Jeremie Sinic, Head of Marketing at BlackVue. “While dashboard cameras are first and foremost car security devices, the DR900S Series really pushes the envelope in terms of visual fidelity.”

Equipped with mobile WiFi, the Caballo del Diablo 1968 Ford Bronco will start stages and transitions by connecting the installed dash cams to Facebook Live for broadcast on the Method Race Wheels Facebook page. Facebook users will also be able to participate in a DR900S Series dashcam giveaway.

Don’t miss the chance to see the race live and in daily video clips showcasing race highlights. Follow Caballo Del Diablo on Instagram and Facebook.

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