BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X Installation Tutorial Video

Are you looking to use BlackVue’s Parking Mode for longer periods of time without draining your car’s battery? The new Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X is here to help. The latest addition to the BlackVue line-up can be purchased here, and in this article we’ll show you how to get it installed and set up in your vehicle. You can also watch the installation video.

The Power Magic Ultra Battery comes with all the cables and accessories you’ll need for installation. To begin, turn the Power switch to the OFF position. Next, find a location to mount the battery, such as under the seat or in the glove box. 

Two types of installation

There are two options for powering the Ultra Battery: a simple installation with the Cigarette lighter power cable (12V auxiliary power adapter), or a hardwired installation. 

Simple installation

For the Cigarette lighter power cable method, simply insert the power cable into the Ultra Battery’s DC in port, and then plug the other end into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. Set the power switch to the ON position.

Hardwired installation

For a hardwired installation, start by plugging the hardwiring power cable into the Ultra Battery’s DC in port. Refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual to identify a Switched fuse in the interior fuse panel. Be sure to avoid connecting to a constant power fuse, as this may drain your vehicle’s battery.

Remove the Switched fuse and match it with one of the three fuse taps included in the box. If your vehicle uses a different type of fuse tap, you may need to purchase one separately. Using a crimping tool, connect the wire labeled ACC to the fuse tap. Insert the fuse you removed from the fuse panel into the slot closest to the blades on the fuse tap, and then insert a new fuse into the slot furthest away from the fuse tap blades. Insert the fuse tap into the empty Switched fuse slot in the fuse panel, and connect the ground wire to a ground point on the vehicle’s frame. Set the power switch to the On position.

Now connect your dash cam to the Ultra Battery. Simply plug the ‘Output cable’ into the port labeled Dashcam on the Ultra Battery, and then plug your dash cam’s power plug into the cigarette lighter socket on the Ultra Battery’s ‘Output cable’. 

If your dash cam includes a hardwiring power cable, we recommend using it in conjunction with the Ultra Battery’s 3-wire output cable. This way, Parking Mode will activate as soon as ignition is switched off.

Get the app!

To get the most out of your Ultra Battery, be sure to download the BlackVue app (or the standalone BlackVue Battery app) and connect to the battery via Bluetooth. The app will display the expected time to full charge while charging, and the expected remaining usage time based on the current power draw of your dash cam when ignition is off.

Now, with the Power Magic Ultra Battery, you’ll be able to use your BlackVue’s Parking Mode for extended periods of time without worrying about draining your car’s battery. 

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