[BlackVue Cloud] Introducing Enhanced Privacy Controls

The latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer (Windows (v1.21 and up)/Mac OS X (v.1.22 and up)), BlackVue Viewer Pro (Windows (v1.11)) and the BlackVue App (iOS (v2.74 and up)/Android (v2.75 and up)) introduce enhanced Cloud privacy controls, including the ability to hide your dashcam’s location from the Public Map view.

Note: these privacy controls concern BlackVue Cloud users only. 

The short version

  1. If you are a BlackVue Cloud user, you can see your dashcam’s GPS location while hiding your dashcam from the Public Map. All you need to do is go to BlackVue Cloud > Camera settings > Privacy settings, then uncheck “Share BlackVue location publicly” (make sure to allow the BlackVue App to access your dashcam’s GPS data).
  2. You can change these settings anytime and even when your BlackVue dashcam is offline.


The long version

Read along as we dive into the details.

Where to find the Cloud privacy settings?

The Cloud privacy settings are set for each dashcam individually.blackvue-app-cloud-privacy-setting-screenshot

To access them, go to BlackVue Cloud > Camera settings > Privacy settings. 

We invite new and existing users to visit this menu and review the Privacy settings for each dashcam. 

Good to know: unlike the Firmware settings, which require your BlackVue to be online to make any change, your dashcam’s Privacy settings can be accessed even when your dashcam is disconnected from the Cloud.

The settings are as follow: 

  • Share BlackVue location publicly (NEW)
  • Share BlackVue Live View video publicly
  • Share BlackVue Live View audio publicly
  • Share BlackVue camera name publicly

Additionally, you can now easily toggle access to your dashcam’s GPS data by the BlackVue App and Viewer. 

Note that if you don’t allow access to your dashcam’s GPS data, you will still be able to use Remote Live View but won’t be able to see your dashcam’s location on the Map. 
However, your BlackVue will still record GPS data locally (on the microSD card). 

Whenever changing the settings, make sure to tap “OK” to apply them, otherwise your changes won’t be saved. 

Easily hide your BlackVue from the Public Map

This is probably the no.1 thing that most users will want to do.

To do this, go to BlackVue Cloud > Camera settings > Privacy settings > Uncheck “Share BlackVue location publicly”.


In order for a Bookmarked camera to be accessed by a user via the Bookmarks list, the dashcam’s location should be shared publicly. If it is not, the camera will appear in Bookmark menus under the generic name “BlackVue” and won’t be accessible.

Shared with me

As this feature is intended for sharing with close friends or family, sharing a camera with a user grants that user access to your dashcam’s location and Remote Live View. This means even if you uncheck “Share BlackVue location publicly”, people you have shared your camera with will still be able to access the dashcam’s location and Remote Live View.

If you don’t allow the app to access your GPS data at all (with the “Don’t Allow/Allow” button), the people you have shared your camera with will not be able to access your dashcam at all. Your dashcam will appear in their list grayed out and under the generic name “BlackVue”. 

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