[BlackVue Online Store] DR650S-2CH TRUCK and IR Back in Stock

DR650S-2CH TRUCK and DR650S-2CH IR back in the BlackVue Online Store

Looking for the DR650S-2CH TRUCK with external waterproof and infrared rear camera (and up to 20m/65ft cable) or the DR650S-2CH IR with interior infrared camera? You will be happy to learn that those models are back in stock on the BlackVue Online Store.

The DR650S-2CH TRUCK, as its name indicates, is perfect to provide front and rear video protection to trucks, pickup trucks, vans or RVs. 

The DR650S-2CH IR, with its discreet interior IR secondary camera, is the go-to camera for taxi or rideshare drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc.), as it monitors the interior of the vehicle and produces a clear image even under pitch-black lighting conditions.

DR490L-2CH unavailable until early February

The DR490L-2CH simple LCD dash cam, on the other hand, is now out of stock. We are expecting to get it back in stock in early February. 

If you need one urgently, have a look at our Distributors page to find a distributor or dealer near you. 

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