BlackVue Installation Videos Page Now Open

BlackVue dashcams and Parking Mode accessories can be professionally installed, but many of BlackVue Customers opt for a DIY solution.

Thankfully, many of them decide to share their knowledge and experience online. We are grateful to every customer and reviewer who share their BlackVue installation videos! You can find quite a large number of them on YouTube. From older models to the newest releases, like the DR900S-2CH dashcam and Ultra Battery, there’s a bit of everything.

However, it could be tedious to search for an installation video that would perfectly match your needs. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for you.

All Videos In One Place

Introducing: BlackVue Installation Videos (click here).

We have created a page on our website to collect various BlackVue products (both dashcams and Parking Mode accessories) installation videos in one place. You can filter the videos by BlackVue product, vehicle type and/or car brand. This is just a start, as new videos will be updated regularly so keep an eye on the page.

Can’t Find the Video You Are Looking For?

You might not find the exact car/dashcam model combination in the list. 

However, keep in mind that wiring a BlackVue works about the same way no matter what model you pick. The main difference is usually whether the dashcam is single (1CH) or dual channel (2CH), and how it is powered. This means, if you have a DR900S-2CH and Power Magic Pro, you could refer to a DR650S-2CH and Power Magic Pro installation video. 

Do You Have an Installation Video To Share?

The list of videos is in no way exhaustive, and we would appreciate your help! There are many car brands we don’t have covered yet, so if you have a car that isn’t featured on our page yet and would like to make an installation video, we would love to showcase it on our website! Or maybe you’ve been planning to record an installation video anyway? Send a link to your video on YouTube to [email protected] and we will make sure to feature it on our website.

Visit the Installation Video page here.

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