Blackvue Help Center – How Can We Help You?

Over two years ago, BlackVue launched the BlackVue Help Center to cater to the needs of existing and would-be BlackVue customers. The Help Center now provides news, self-help articles and is host to a community of passionate users. 

All manuals for BlackVue products are available for download on our website. You can also take a look at various tutorials and installation videos on our YouTube channel. In case those do not answer your questions, head to the BlackVue Help Center.

So what is the BlackVue Help Center?

The BlackVue Help Center is a place where you can find articles on how to operate a dashcam: installation, connecting to Wi-Fi/Cloud, troubleshooting, and more. The front page is split into two main categories: Getting Started and FAQs. You can find all the tutorials, product specs and news and updates under “Getting Started”. FAQs are organized by topics, such as dashcams, accessories, BlackVue App, Cloud Service and PC Viewer. Underneath, you can find the most popular Help Articles.

“There are customers looking to purchase a Blackvue dashcam and interested in learning more about our products’ features. For them, we dedicated a whole category of Product Specs and Recording Time,” says Noman Rao, head of the BlackVue Customer Support Team. “We also maintain a database of articles for our existing customers. There are articles about common inquiries like Firmware upgrade procedure and how to connect a smartphone to your dashcam via Wi-fi. The Help Center also contains critical troubleshooting procedures to fix issues like direct Wi-Fi connection or dashcam constant reboot.”

A place to ask and answer questions

There is a separate tab for Community. In there, BlackVue customers can share their experiences with the BlackVue dashcams and accessories. They can also ask all kinds of BlackVue-related questions.

The Help Center is managed by our Customer Support agents. They carefully curate the articles and monitor the Community tab to provide the fastest solutions.

“In the Community page, customers engage with each other to troubleshoot issues and share ideas” says Noman. “However, our Support Team monitors the Help Center for issues that require immediate attention. Such issues are assigned to a support agent who helps the customer troubleshoot via email or call.”

The Community page is easy to navigate, and all articles are accessible without registration. However, users must sign up in order to post or comment.

The fastest way to troubleshoot

We understand how critical it is to repair a malfunctioning dashcam as soon as possible. Noman has some tips for anyone looking for swift resolution to their problems.

“I’d recommend the following procedure to our customers seeking help with their issue. First, go to and use the search function to see if someone had a similar problem. If that’s not the case, BlackVue is a global brand ? so most of the time there are active users in the Community tab. You can post your question there after registration. If your issue is urgent though, email our Support Team at [email protected] or call our US & Canada Toll Free Support number +1 (844) 694-4469, Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm PST.”

The future and beyond

“BlackVue is constantly evolving and improving its products. I recommend our customers to frequently visit the News and Updates section of the Help Center so they can stay up to date! The section is dedicated to the upcoming updates and latest features in the Blackvue app/Cloud service. We also have a Feature Suggestions section in the Community page. If users have a feature they would like us to add in the current or upcoming dashcam models, they can post it there”, says Noman.


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