[Caught on BlackVue] Head-on Collision Captured By Dash​​​​cam

We’ve recently asked BlackVue users to send us accidents, near misses and other interesting footage they managed to capture with their dashcams. And to our astonishment, we received an overwhelmingly large number of videos in response! Starting from now, we will be sharing some of the videos with you.

The first video we’d like to show you was submitted by our  Customer”CG”, captured by his BlackVue DR650S-2CH (predecessor of the BlackVue DR750S-2CH). This is his story of an accident that happened on Halloween last year.

I was traveling home that Tuesday morning after dropping my children off at school. I was in the left lane approaching an intersection and several vehicles were in the far left turn lane. The instant I entered the intersection, I observed a Subaru pulling out to make a left turn across my lane. My initial thought was the Subaru saw me and stopped. However, they accelerated in front of me and we collided head-on. My year old, 2016 Frontier was totaled. Thank God my children were not in the vehicle and there were no fatalities!

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above. You can also watch it here.

If you have a video you’d like to share, please send it to [email protected]. Include a short description and your shipping address and phone number – if we end up using your video, you will receive a gift from us!

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