[BlackVue Footage] Relive Denofa’s Decisive Race Against Aasbo in Long Beach

At the Formula Drift presented by BlackVue first event in Long Beach, each driver had a BlackVue in their car.

Here is a first video, from the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH in the car of Long Beach winner Chelsea Denofa.


Did you know?
If you wonder why the image is a bit shaky, here is the technical explanation: a lot of the Formula Drift cars are tuned to the maximum. In fact, there aren’t many parts left from the original vehicles, as the teams try to optimize every inch of the cars for best drifting performance. That includes the windshields on which the dashcams were installed. In this case, the original windshield was replaced by one made of a light plastic material, which in addition to be lighter, is also more prone to vibrations. Not something most drivers should worry about!


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