[BlackVue Footage] Car Brake Checking On Highway Fast Lane

This footage posted by YouTuber FoxStang does not involve a crash, but still makes you want to equip yourself with a BlackVue, just in case!

When a car gets rear-ended, the following vehicle generally gets the blame, even if they might have tried to keep safe distances and the front vehicle is actually at fault.

Here is a perfect example of this, with a car brake checking for no apparent reason, with no car to be seen ahead of it, all while driving on what is supposed to be the fast lane.

Our BlackVue owner here reacted quickly enough to avoid the crash.

Unfortunately, as commentators pointed out, the ill-intentioned driver probably trapped another driver who didn’t have a dashcam in their car.

In those occasions, having a BlackVue in your car will definitely give you peace of mind.

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