BlackVue Fleet Tracking Website Now In More Languages

Dear BlackVue Users,

Our BlackVue Fleet Tracking dedicated website (see link below) is now available in two other languages besides English: Japanese and Spanish. You can change the language in the upper right corner of the page. Fleet and other business owners can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the BlackVue Fleet Tracking services. 

What is BlackVue Fleet Tracking?

With BlackVue Fleet Tracking, all you need is a BlackVue Cloud-compatible dashcam and an internet connection in your vehicle to get instant notifications, track in real time the location of your vehicles, view the past 90 days’ location history, monitor driving behavior with real-time video, and upload footage of incidents to the Cloud. 
Whether you need to monitor 1 or 100 vehicles, BlackVue Fleet Tracking has you covered.

Visit the dedicated website HERE.

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