[BlackVue Fleet Tracking] Introducing Event File Auto-upload

BlackVue Fleet Tracking users can now enjoy a new exclusive Cloud feature: Event File Auto-upload.



  • Dashcam models: this feature is compatible with DR900S Series (firmware 1.003 and up) and DR750S Series (firmware v1.009 and up) dashcams.
  • Account type: this feature requires a BlackVue Fleet Tracking account.

A game-changer for fleet users

Event File Auto-upload is a new Event Auto-upload function exclusive to BlackVue Fleet Tracking. 
Fleet Tracking users can now choose between the existing Event Live Auto-upload (Live stream option) and the new Event File Auto-upload (Files in low resolution option).
Event File Auto-upload lets your dashcam automatically upload low-resolution versions of Event files to the Cloud

The feature is accessible under BLACKVUE CLOUD > Option button (vertical ellipsis ⋮ ) next to your dashcam’s name > Camera settings > Event Auto-upload settings.

Two modes of upload: Any Wi-Fi or Garage Wi-Fi only

You can choose to have your BlackVue upload sub-streams versions of Event files either:

  • When connected to any Wi-Fi hotspot (Any Wi-Fi hotspot option)
  • When connected to a Garage Wi-Fi hotspot only (Garage Wi-Fi hotspot option)


Garage Wi-Fi hotspot?

Set any of your registered Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots as a Garage Wi-Fi hotspot under Firmware settings > CLOUD > Cloud service hotspot settings

  • The BlackVue will connect in priority to Garage hotspots when switching to Parking Mode.
  • While in Parking Mode, it will check every 10 minutes for an available Garage hotspot if not already connected to one. This is handy to save on your mobile hotspot data plan. 

Why not upload full-resolution versions of the videos? 

We have been considering this feature. However, due to the large size of the videos recorded at the highest quality settings, it is not practical to upload them via Wi-Fi at the moment.

Can DR650S Series dashcams use this feature?

No, this feature relies on the sub-stream technology supported currently only by DR750S and DR900S models. The DR650S Series models cannot support sub-streams, although they can support Event Live Auto Upload, which relies on the Cloud Live View technology. 

Why can’t I see these options in my BlackVue App / Viewer?

You must have an active BlackVue Fleet Tracking account.
Make sure your BlackVue dashcam’s firmware is updated to the latest version.
Then log out of your Cloud account and log back in. 

Is this feature going to eat up all my Cloud storage space? 

No. The Event Auto-upload files (Event Live Auto-upload and Event File Auto-upload) do not count towards your Cloud storage usage.
There is only a time limit of seven (7) days on these files, after which they are automatically erased from the Cloud server. You can review and download any file you want. 
Note: Event Live Auto-upload files expire after two (2) days with a Free Plan and seven (7) days with a Basic or Smart Plan. 

Days files stay in the Cloud after upload:

Cloud Plan Free Basic/Smart Fleet Tracking
Event Live Auto-upload 2 days 7 days 7 days
Event File Auto-upload N/A N/A 7 days

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