BlackVue DR900X Plus Review by Vortex Radar

YouTuber Vortex Radar‘s review of the BlackVue DR900X Plus is probably the most exhaustive review of this dash cam you can find on the internet at this time.

As an authority in the radar detector industry, Vortex Radar has also built a strong following through his thorough dashboard cameras reviews.

His review style is very detail-oriented yet his simple and clear delivery makes it easy to follow for anyone, even non-techies.

Vortex Radar goes over all the things you might be wondering about: video quality, with comparison with past models, major changes in the settings, compatibility with past cables and accessories, and new features such as Seamless Pairing and Mobile Hotspot Function.

Definitely a must-watch if you are considering getting the latest 4K Cloud dash cam from BlackVue.

Find out more info about DR900X Plus Series here.

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