BlackVue DR900X Plus Review by RetroCarGuy530

Today we are sharing another review of the DR900X Plus, this time by YouTuber RetroCarGuy530.

A detailed review

RetroCarGuy serves here another highly detailed review with lots of comparison clips between the DR900X Plus and its predecessor, the DR900X.

We always appreciate RetroCarGuy’s attention to detail and this review is no exception. The comparison footage includes day and night comparisons, side-by-side analysis with and without the optional CPL Filter, as well as license plate capture performance.

He also goes over the main changes in the firmware and the new features such as Seamless Pairing.

Bottom line

RetroCarGuy530 is no easy reviewer to please so we are glad to report that he’s happy with the DR900X Plus. He did find a few things he would like to be added or improved, with some interesting suggestions, might we add.
However, overall he’s happy with the improvements, including Seamless Pairing, Mobile Hotspot Function and of course better video quality.

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