BlackVue DR900X-2CH vs. DR750X-2CH. Day & night sample footage comparison!

With the release of the new BlackVue X-series dashcam lineup, two models have been receiving a lot of customers’ attention. These models are the 4K UHD BlackVue DR900X-2CH dashcam and the fullHD DR750X-2CH, capable of recording 60 frames per second videos.

However, even though you can see real BlackVue footage in both the promotional video for the DR900X-2CH dashcam and the promotional video the DR750X-2CH, there weren’t many comparison videos available.

Until now!

In this video on YouTube you can see a comparison of day and night footage. The footage on top is from the DR900X series dashcam, and the footage on the bottom is from the DR750X series dashcam. The video was upscaled to 4K (2160p) to showcase the DR900X-2CH 4K UHD capabilities. It’s worth noting that the video quality from the DR750X is in full HD (1080p).

The video will be useful to customers interested in upgrading their BlackVue dashcams to the newest series and/or wondering which one to pick.

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