BlackVue DR900S-2CH Installation In 2 Aston Martins

YouTube channel Super Met posted an impressive installation video of the BlackVue DR900S-2CH (available for purchase here or on our website).

The uniqueness of the installation is mostly due to the cars the two units of the DR900S-2CH were installed in – two Aston Martins.

Another interesting aspect of the video is the fact that it’s a professional installation and actual installers take you step by step and explain some of the most stand-out BlackVue features.

NOTE: At 6:27, the installer seems to assume that M is for Motion detection. M actually stands for “Manual” recording. The video filters are N(ormal), E(vent = impacts detected by the G-sensor while driving or parked), P(arking motion), M(anual). Manual recordings can be triggered by passing your hand near the proximity sensor on the side of the dashcam with the Wi-Fi LED light. By default, the proximity sensor’s function is to toggle audio recording on and off. You can change that behavior to triggering Manual recordings instead.

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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