BlackVue DR900S-2CH Featured In Wired UK Magazine

WIRED Magazine (UK Edition) just released its 2019 dashcam test and BlackVue DR900S-2CH is on the list!

Once again, BlackVue was found to be the best dashcam on the market when it comes to image quality. It was Wired’s pick of the best 4K dashcam!

The test concluded that “the footage is undeniably the best on the market, day and night”.

Here’s a quote that proves the image quality of the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is undeniable:

“This is the only camera to feature an eight-megapixel CMOS sensor up front and a high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor in the rear camera. As a result, the footage is undeniably the best on the market, day and night. In fact, it is probably the only camera that snares footage of such high quality that it is possible to read the number plates of vehicles when said video is paused. The 162-degree field of view feels absolutely perfect for the task in hand and rids the resulting footage of that awkward fisheye look that some wider-angle cameras suffer from.”

BlackVue DR900S-2CH, our flagship 4k UHD Cloud dashcam, is available for purchase on our website here.

You can read the entire article here.

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