BlackVue DR900S-2CH And Ultra Battery B-124X Install In BMW F30

Here’s another excellent BlackVue installation video by Jon from the ThicF30 YouTube channel!

His previous installation, which included the 4K BlackVue dashcam (the DR900S-2CH available here) paired up with the Power Magic Battery Pack in his F30, can be watched here.

This time he shows how to install the DR900S-2CH as well, but for the Parking Mode accessory he got the all new Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X, available here). The advantage of the Ultra Battery over other Parking Mode accessories is its versatility – it can be simply plugged and it’s ready to go, or you can hardwire it for faster charging! 

Note: With the Ultra Battery, Parking Mode can last more than 24 hours with a single-channel BlackVue.

Watch the video here or by clicking the thumbnail above!

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