BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus Review By USDashCamera

If you’re looking for an honest and to the point review of the BlackVue’s first triple-channel dash cam, look no further! YouTube channel USDashCamera has got you covered.

The review goes over the basic features and the main selling points of the three-camera system. What makes the BlackVue 3CH dash cam stand out among other triple channel dash cams on the market are, according to the YouTuber, its superior Cloud features and Parking Mode.

While the DR750X-3CH Plus model is not a dash cam for everyone, the review mentions that it’s a model that may be of interest to Uber/Lyft drivers and fleet owners. Thanks to the extra interior IR camera on top of the regular front and rear cameras, the driver (or the business owner) can see what’s going on in the vehicle’s cabin even when it’s pitch dark.

Make sure to check out the review here on YouTube or by clicking the thumbnail above.

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