BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE Installation Video In Porsche 911

BlackVue user and YouTuber Peter recently uploaded a new BlackVue dashcam installation video on his channel The Automotive Fanatic!

Peter got the DR750-2CH LTE dashcam paired up with a BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery for Parking Mode recording. In the video, he installs the set up in his Porsche 911.

The YouTuber walks us through the entire process of hardwiring the Ultra Battery (the Ultra Battery can be either used as a simple plug&play device or it can be hardwired), including the best placement for the Battery and explaining which fuse he used. He the proceeds with installing the dashcam. He takes care of all the cables and shows us how to tuck them for the cleanest installation possible.

This is not the only video Peter made about the BlackVue products – and he also made an additional video with the quick unboxing and overview of the BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE dashcam and the BlackVue Power Magic Battery Pack.

Watch the installation video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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