BlackVue DR650GW-2CH TRUCK Captures a 4-car Accident

A couple of days ago, an unbelievable accident involving multiple cars happened to one of the commercial fleet owners. Thankfully, the owner was able to use the footage from the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH TRUCK (see the upgraded version: DR650S-2CH TRUCK) installed in their tow truck and remove all doubt  about who was at fault. Thanks to the dashcam, the driver of the white car was found 100%  responsible for the entire accident. Who knows what the outcome of the investigation would be if not for the BlackVue dashcam? (video courtesy of The Dashcam Store)


Note: The blurry image of the rear-facing camera (top right corner) in the beginning is caused by the condensation. It was knocked by the impact, hence the image cleared out after the accident had happened.

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