BlackVue Dashcam – Your Defense Against Hit-And-Runs

Hit-and-run accidents are at an all-time high. The number of such accidents increased 60% between the years 2009 and 2016 according to the roadside-assistance company AAA. Because often there is no one around to witness and testify about these hits, the culprits remain unpunished.
Having a dashcam in your car provides a simple solution to this problem. A dashcam is a tireless eyewitness, monitoring what’s going on in front and behind of your vehicle 24/7. Depending on the specific dashcam model you choose, its features could enable you to keep an eye on your car even when it’s parked and you’re not around (such as the BlackVue 4K Cloud DR900S-2CH dashcam, with the BlackVue Cloud feature).
Over the years we received many testimonials from BlackVue customers who told us that their BlackVue dashcam saved them thousands of dollars in hit-and-run situations where – without a dashcam – identifying the person who hit their car would have been impossible.
Here are some of the stories shared with us.

A Hit-And-Run Can Be Discovered Days Later

A BlackVue user who prefers to stay anonymous sent us this video of a pretty bold hit-and-run he experienced.
A red truck backed into his car, and the driver and his friend decided to shrug it off and calmly leave the scene. The BlackVue user actually didn’t notice the damage until a few days later. Fortunately, his BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam was recording in Parking Mode, saving the file as Event File.
With BlackVue, you can lock the event files so that they don’t get overwritten when the memory card is full – and that’s exactly what happened in his case! This BlackVue user was easily able to check who damaged his car.

Fake Note Left At The Scene

This video shows a van trying to pull out of its parking space and hitting a BlackVue user’s car parked next to it. In the video you can see the driver looking out of the window to check for the damage while he parks the car again. Apparently, the driver left a note – an illegible one, though!
Thankfully, BlackVue DR750S-2CH (recording in Parking Mode) captured not only the incident, but the van’s license plate. Thanks to BlackVue, this lucky driver has recently heard from his insurance company that the other party is taking the full responsibility for the accident and there will be no cost for him at all.

The Police Were Impressed

Dashcam’s invaluable input cannot be dismissed in hit & run cases like this one!
We received this BlackVue DR900S-2CH footage from an anonymous BlackVue user, who parked his car near the place he worked at. After he came back, he noticed a huge scratch to the front fender (and no note left). He immediately checked the footage via Wi-Fi, and quickly found the incident.
After that, he notified the police to file the incident report – and the police were pretty impressed by the sheer volume of the information provided despite it being a hit-and-run – the BlackVue user got the license plate, the culprit’s face and the company’s name as well! The damage was estimated at $4,191.80, which was paid in full by the other party’s insurance. They also provided the cost for the rental.
The Police’s reaction – that of pure shock that so much information can be provided for a hit-and-run – only proves that dashcams are a necessity nowadays!

Parking Lot Hit-And-Runs Happen Often

Even a quick trip to the store might end up in an unpleasant surprise.
Just like in this dashcam footage, sent to us by the BlackVue user Varun. His parked car was hit by a driver who casually parked the car herself and then… simply left the scene!
She did not bother leaving a note with her details. Upon discovering the damage and checking his BlackVue DR900S-2CH footage, the BlackVue user reported the incident to the police. The hit-and-runner is now facing possible charges of failing to exchange details and failing to report the incident to a police station if no other person iwas present at the accident.
The quote for the repairs reached 2300 AUD.
“Best decision ever made to invest in a Blackvue DR900S-2CH camera with Power Magic Pro for Parking Mode,” Varun told us. “Obviously saved me a lot of drama.”

A dashcam not only can save you a lot of drama – you will save a lot of money as well. Don’t wait until something happens and get your own dashcam here.

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