BlackVue Dashcam Installed In… DeLorean!

Sometimes we see a video so different than the others that it’s hard not to share!

As you might know, we launched a page on our website where we publish various BlackVue related (dashcam, accessories) installation videos from across the internet, uploaded to YouTube by BlackVue users themselves. You can search for an installation you need according to the dashcam/accessory model, car make or vehicle type.

The video we wanted to show you today is also an installation – it’s an installation of the Wi-Fi enabled BlackVue dashcam model, the DR590W-2CH. What’s interesting about this video is the car in which the dashcam is installed – it’s none other than the famous DeLorean!

DeLoreans are famous mostly thanks to their appearance in a well-loved “Back to the future” movie series. DeLorean featured on the Hamdi Ben Miled’s YouTube channel is now sporting a BlackVue dashcam! Not exactly a time-machine, but it certainly helps to preserve what happens on the road at all times!

In the video the process of the installation of the BlackVue dashcam in the DeLorean is briefly explained and shown.

Watch the video by clicking here or on the thumbnail above.

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